Training for Families

Family participation in education and healthcare leads to better outcomes for children and families.

In both the school and healthcare settings, family engagement leads to better outcomes. When families understand the expectations for parent engagement, they can participate and partner to a higher degree.

Parents often don’t know where to begin when it comes to advocating for their children in the school and hospital settings. Madvocator provides training and services to families who want to improve relationships for better education and for safer, more effective healthcare.

Madvocator’s school- and healthcare-centered advocacy programming engages families in building communication  and participation practices that build mutually beneficial relationships that promote the best outcomes for children and families.

Seminars and Workshops

  • Creating a Learning Environment at Home
  • Managing Complex Care at Home
  • From Parent to Advocate: Success in school
  • Power Wheelchair Safety for Kids and Families
  • Hospital Safety for Kids and Families
  • Central Line Safety for Kids and Families

Educational Advocacy for Families

IMG_0176Family Advocate Network

Parent academy that focuses on communication, engagement and collaboration to meet the needs of diverse learners (three-year program)

logo-file.jpgI’m In

Parent involvement course for K-12 parents that focuses on how and why parent engagement is crucial to educational success (one-year program)

logo4.jpgStep Forward

Leadership academy for parents who take on leadership roles in the school setting and beyond, with a focus on advocacy, collaboration and communication (two-year program)

Healthcare Advocacy for Families

Home Care CEO logo fileHome Care CEO

Healthcare advocacy training for families managing complex care at home, with a focus on learning, leadership, reducing medical errors, and meeting the needs of the whole child