Sometimes, you have to get a little mad
to change the world.

Madvocator Educational and Healthcare Advocacy Training partners with individuals and organizations to provide programs, tools and consultation that improve outcomes, with a focus on equity, health literacy and eliminating disparities.

Our Mission

To change the way people think and participate in healthcare and education

About the Executive Director

Madvocator Educational and Healthcare Advocacy Training is led by Charisse (Nikki) Montgomery, M.A., M.Ed., GPAC, who has a personal and professional mission to help families build advocacy skills that lead to better outcomes. Her experiences as a former teacher, a patient advocate, and educational researcher, and the parent of a child with complex healthcare and educational needs led her to create Madvocator Educational and Healthcare Advocacy Training.

In addition to a graduate certificate in Patient Advocacy, for which her research was focused on increasing the capacity of parents of medically fragile children, Ms. Montgomery has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, with thesis research on critical thinking, communication, and providing care for medically fragile children. She also has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English and is a former director of communications for a healthcare organization. A former teacher, Ms. Montgomery is passionate about facilitating learning.

Ms. Montgomery is the author of the Super Safe Kids series of books and toolkits that engage children and their families in improving safety and advocacy in the hospital, the community and the home.

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