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Parent CEO: Parent Leadership in In-Home Care

Parent CEO: Parent Leadership in In-Home Care

This excerpt from my book, Home Care CEO: A Parent’s Guide to Managing In-home Pediatric Nursing, was published in Complex Child. Having a child who is medically fragile can affect a household greatly, from the financial resources required for therapies and medical treatments to the family structure and economic status. Twenty-two percent of families with … Continue reading

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Confronting Germs With Your Medically Complex Child

The following was published as part of my “Teachable Moments” blog series for ProMedica HealthConnect. We humans are naturally social creatures. We gather, embrace and share. Unfortunately, we often share our germs. Germs are everywhere, and as a result, the parents of medically fragile children often limit their children’s interactions and essentially self-quarantine. Continue reading

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Three signs that you need to fire your child’s home nursing agency

For those of us whose children require in-home nursing, agencies are often the first resource suggested to us by hospital personnel and discharge nurses. Because they have access to multiple nurses, agencies can often respond to the need for care quickly. Many hospitals suggest that families use agencies instead of independent nurses because they assume … Continue reading