About Madvocator

You have to get a little mad to change the world.

Madvocator was established by Charisse N. Montgomery, M.A., M.Ed., GPAC, the mom of a child with a complex medical condition and special education needs. She is an author, educator, patient advocate, and special education advocate whose personal and professional mission is to help families build advocacy skills that lead to better outcomes. 


In addition to a graduate certificate in Patient Advocacy, for which her research was focused on empowering parents of medically fragile children, Charisse has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, with thesis research on critical thinking, communication, and providing care for medically fragile children. She also has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English and was an English / Language Arts teacher. .

Charisse is the author of the Super Safe Kids book series, books that engage children and their families in improving safety and advocacy in the hospital, the community and the home. Read more about Charisse’s awards and publications


2 thoughts on “About Madvocator

  1. Hi Mrs. Montgomery. I was wondering how Ritchie was doing. I never heard anything from his doctors in Cleveland, but it is nice to see that things seem to be going well for him. Your and your husbands steady influence and strong advocacy for Ritchie is an inspiration from which we all can benefit.
    Rest assured that my thoughts and admiration will always be with all three of you.
    Be well.

    • It is fantastic to hear from you, Dr. Munk! Richie is seeing Dr. George Thompson at Rainbow and is doing very well. He’s in kindergarten (tested in a year early), and he’s speaking much more now. I would love to have your address so I can send you a holiday card. Please email me at cnhodges2@yahoo.com, and I will reply with some new photos as well.

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