Madvocator Educational and Healthcare Advocacy Training is a non-profit organization that offers evidence-based, literacy friendly materials and training on healthcare and educational advocacy topics for families, education professionals and healthcare providers.

Madvocator is unique in offering both continuing education training for professionals and advocacy skills training for families, with a focus on equity and eliminating disparities in educational and health outcomes.

Madvocator’s evidence-based training programs are heavily focused on the positive impact of parent and family engagement in community, school and healthcare settings.

Educational Advocacy Training

Madvocator’s training for education professionals, including teachers, therapists, intervention specialists and administrators, is focused on critical thinking and effective communication as primary tools for engaging families. Training for parents and families focuses on communication, engagement, leadership, and collaboration with schools.

Healthcare Advocacy Training

Madvocator offers training for healthcare professionals, including physicians, therapists, nurses and administrators. Family training is centered on communication, care management, and effective collaboration for safe care and positive experiences in the hospital and community settings.