Seminars and Training

Madvocator Advocacy Solutions offers seminars and training sessions on a variety of healthcare and educational advocacy topics for families and healthcare providers.


Seminar topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • From Parent to Advocate: Collaborating for school success
  • Parent CEO: Managing children’s complex health care needs
  • IEP Champion: Navigating the IEP Process
  • Preparing for a waiver evaluation
  • Setting goals for children with special needs
  • Working together: Marriage and parenting a child with complex needs
  • Building partnerships with therapists
  • A blenderized diet: Food as medicine for medically complex children
  • Parent leadership in in-home care
  • Reducing toxins in the medical home
  • Critical thinking (for parents and caregivers)
  • Critical thinking (for health care professionals)

Training Series

IEP Champion

  • A four-session series for parents/guardians of children with diverse learning needs
  • Parents learn about the IEP and educational advocacy

Home Care CEO: Managing In-home care

  • For caregivers of patients who require in-home care
  • Participants learn to prepare for their management roles in in-home care. Topics include selecting and interviewing in-home care providers, maintaining safety, and managing provider performance.

Thinking Critically to Engage Patients and Families

  • Introductory Session
  • Session One
    • In order to foster patient and family engagement, health care professionals must be able to think critically about their own practice. This session focuses on critical thinking as a core competency of patient interactions and addresses the needs of families and patients in the medical setting.
  • Session Two
    • Once participants have learned to assess their own critical thinking, they engage simple ways to assess critical thinking among family caregivers in order to best meet the needs of patients and their families.


Training seminars may be scheduled as one-time events or as part of an ongoing process of coaching and education.